about us

R&R Industrial Ltd was established in 1979,headquartered in Hong Kong.Our facilities covers up to 8000sqms which located in Shenzhen.R&R, as one of leading mold makers in China, is engaged in designing and making the high-precision metal molds and plastic injection molds as well as finished goods such as auto parts, tool cases, airport luggage cart, and most articles of our daily life. Our products,for his High quality and fit price,in sales of more than 30 countries. We existed as a  family own business which allow us to be more flexible and efficiency toward our customer's need. We are well accredited with ISO9001:2000 quality control system and CERTIFICATE OF REGISTERATION of America.The company has more than 100 advanced machines such as high speed milling center from Japanese, Flexible machining center ,EDM machine,CNC machine, Precise Wire Cutting Machine, South Korean-Taiwan numerical control equipment and up to 10 injection molding machines.We aim to equip ourselves with advance and innovative manufacturing technology, modern business management and internationalization of business and operational practices in order to become an international high-precision molding and IMD service provider to strive and achieve together with our employees, business associates and customers.

+86 0755-81472729-8000
#111 Dabutou Rd., Songyuan Village,Guanlan Town,Shenzhen,China
+86 0755-81472729-8000
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